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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Kate Tony. Founder: Queen of Coffee – Stories: 81 – Followers: 3 – id: He really was going to die Intentions by BeginAgain46 reviews Why, Kate? Why tell me you were infected when you weren’t?

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NCIS Fanfiction Archive died. Tony breaks his leg and is stuck with the one member of the team he doesn’t trust to fix it: McGee. Saw a YouTube video of McGee and Kate on the gym mats and Genre: Humor, Romance.

Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook VKontakte Google. Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Tags 1×01 – yankee white. Title : ‘Will the Real Ms. Sciuto Please Stand Up? Tags jag 8×20 – ice queen , jag 8×21 – meltdown. Looking for fun with other NCIS fans? You like team work and all different kinds of challenges? This is a fun ficathon which produces a lot of quality fic each year. Stories due in August.

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In “Toxic”, Palmer picks up and expands on Ducky’s explanation on the reasons one would or would not wear shoes historically and explains This is a multiple crossover, beginning with NCIS and Dexter and eventually taking in several other fandoms. She had seriously underestimated him and his place on this team; especially if Ziva thought she was going to get away with treating a member of Team Gibbs as being unimportant.

I was really disappointed in the story they came up with that Ziva had Tony’s baby and never told him and now he’s off to raise their love child. Cautiously, with infinite circumspection, he tried to move his head and much to his relief he could, although it was pure unadulterated agony to do so.

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This is just an excerpt from the story. Wanna tell me why everyone’s being so nice today? It’s really starting to freak me out. He was a shithead for awhile, but I felt he got better after Ziva left. Summary: No one ever said that being the leader of the NCIS team was an easy job, but when Gibbs left the job to him, DiNozzo was confident he could handle it. His son was found murdered, he wants us on it.

Thought i’d check oThis is a Tony Dinozzo/NCIS fanfic about a girl who is closer A post-ep for 9×24, pin Ncis fanfiction tony and ziva datingTony looked to Kelly “I must race against the clock to discover just who is the real target, Tony, Kate.

When Gibbs and Kate entered a half hour later, Tony was sitting by the camera, checking out Amanda through the lens, and McGee was by the computer. Tony barely kept from rolling his eyes. She excused herself and stepped away. Tony entertained himself by turning the audio surveillance towards Kate instead. Her private conversation with lover boy Dwayne was recorded — until she turned and discovered him, at which point she quickly ended the call.

Of course, it was — Kate had asked to be allowed to shoot him on at least two other occasions that he could remember right off the bat. Again, he wondered if she even liked him. For the thousandth time, Tony wondered how Gibbs always knew.

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This story shows what should have happened between Tony and Kate at the end of season 2. Tony can’t hide his feelings for Kate anymore and asks her out for a date. Do I even have to say that she says yes? I planned this as a oneshot, but my kind reviewers asked for another chapter, so well He wanted to take a shower, but found that he really needed to sit down first, so he slopped down on the couch and stared at the opposite wall.

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Recommend this entry Has been recommended Send news. Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook VKontakte Google. Previous Share Flag Next. The longest Tony has gone without sex is 11 days, and 6 hours. Tony shook his head, and flashed him a bright, entirely false, smile. What could possibly be wrong? I haven’t slept in three days and we’re locked in a storage closet. Oh yeah, I’m seeing no problem. I’m going to die.

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After news came of a new terrorist group called the Brotherhood of Doubt who were targeting the main NCIS team, Ziva was forced to go into hiding which she did by heading back to her native Israel, essentially resulting in her severing any and all ties as a citizen of the United States and despite DiNozzo’s efforts to convince her to return to the United States with him, Ziva ultimately refused and opted to stay in Israel.

Four years later in May , it was revealed that Ziva had been killed in a mortar attack on the farmhouse where she lived and that she and Tony had had a daughter together with Tony ultimately resigning from NCIS for good to take care of Talia. She had an older half-brother, Ari Haswari , and a younger sister, Talia David.

Ziva served in the Israeli army for two years, as is compulsory for all Israeli women, and later joined the Mossad. She has said that no one from Mossad had recruited her — she volunteered. When Ziva joined Mossad isn’t specified; however, Ziva was already a Mossad operative when her younger sister Tali was killed in a Hamas suicide bombing when Tali was sixteen years old. As a Mossad operative, Ziva became highly valued for her skills which presumably included assassination and hand-to-hand combat.

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